I'm going to the MCAE (Massachusetts Coalition for Adult Education) Conference this Friday Apr 5, 2013! And I'm presenting too! I can't wait to meet all these wonderful people and exchange ideas and resources!


bayda asbridge
05/03/2013 9:02am

Hi Neela,
I attended the workshop with you and I was so discouraged to teach comp tech to my students because it has been very stressful. The workshop was amazing. your web site in magnificent and when I talked to you after the workshop, you gave many ideas on how to stay calm and in control in the computer lab. I do enjoy teaching now. Thank you soooo much. Actually my students are using your web site to type and paly games. I love it, they love it.
Warmest regards

05/03/2013 2:17pm

Oh Bayda,

I am so glad! That's wonderful! It's entirely my pleasure.

I will be updating the students' and teachers' sections to make them much more user-friendly. But do let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to work on so I can include that as well!

Please do keep in touch!
Till soon.

05/28/2013 6:48am

Hi Neela,

I was at your workshop at MCAE in anticipation of teaching a computer skills class this fall. Right now I am a GED and college prep instructor. I found your workshop so helpful and your website is a lifesaver as I begin to plan my classes next year. What I'm interested in is a suggested sequence of how to move through computer skills with students starting with basic mouse skills. Do you have any syllabi you've used or something similar? Thanks so much. Keep up the great work.

06/04/2013 3:01pm

Hi Kristi,

I'm very glad to hear that my workshop was helpful and the website as well. Slowly but surely, I hope to have something comprehensive and a snap to use. Please feel free to tell me what works, what doesn't and if you know of something I haven't mentioned!

Actually, that's an excellent question. In fact, I have been working on the most effective sequencing of topics and hope to really put some time into it soon. If you need something right away, I could give you a rudimentary framework now. What does your timeline look like? If we have some time, I would be able to give you a clearer syllabi later.

I'm happy to help in any way I can. Please feel free to email me. nj.neela@gmail.com.


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